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Phoenix Strategy is an entrepreneurial investment company formed to acquire and operate a small to medium sized privately-held business. Our principals take day-to-day operating roles in every investment we make. As a result, we invest in fewer companies and have a longer term perspective at building businesses.

Phoenix was built by people who know how to manage people and run businesses. Our goal is to provide an attractive liquidity option for business owners by working closely with them to structure a transaction that best meets their financial and personal objectives. Once acquired, we step in to manage the day-to-day operations of the company. This unique approach is ideal for those owners who would like to completely step away from management responsibilities or assume a lesser role within the company.

Phoenix' Key Differentiating Attributes Include:


We have a track record of success - Phoenix is made up of a diverse team of entrepreneurs, investors and operators who draw from their many years of experience to structure a transaction and formulate and execute a strategy that positions a company for growth and success.


We have significant capital resources that ensure our ability to quickly provide full or partial liquidity to business owners.

Flexible and Fair

We are interested in paying a fair price for a business and intend to work closely with an owner to structure a transaction to best meet their financial and personal objectives. This includes consideration of the owner's tax planning and lifestyle interests.


We have, and will continue to follow scrupulously, a strict code of ethics. Firstly, there are some industries in which we will not purchase a company, due to health and safety factors, unsavory business practices and other issues. Secondly, we will be forthright, candid and professional in our dealings. And most importantly, we act based on the belief that business relationships are about trust and honesty.


Phoenix's extensive management expertise and intensive operational involvement, coupled with a professional advisory board will ensure the successful and ongoing legacy of an acquired company.


Phoenix Strategy is committed to working with management and existing employees, helping them to develop their talents as the company prospers. We strongly believe that forming a strong relationship with all employees is essential for the long-term success of a business. In such, retention of management and employees and alignment with proper incentives is of highest priority.