Why Choose Phoenix Strategy?

We recognize that management is more than just a “bios” slide on a website or a presentation slide.

Dallas, TX

Why Phoenix Strategy?

Our experience as business operators, investors and advisors has convinced us that value creation is done, first and foremost, by the leaders and their teams who run the businesses, each and every day. We pride ourselves on being operators at heart that bring not just experience, but resources that companies need and want to help them navigate the twists and turns of building and growing. From business know-how, to deep professional networks and capital resources, we aim to bring the right support at the right time.

We have sat on all sides of the boardroom table, and we have helped take businesses through a wide range of major milestones, including acquisitions, financings, exits, new market entries, product-line transformations and team transformations. As a result, we understand, not just the strategic and executional elements of these and other events, but the hard professional and personal choices that have to be made along the way. Unlike most financial investment professionals, we can bring all of this experience to help our entrepreneur partners achieve their visions and leave a legacy behind.

We recognize that management is more than just a “bios” slide on a website or a presentation slide. We appreciate the hard work that goes into building a winning business. We do not believe financial investment creates value magically. It is the individuals that take risks by investing their ‘blood, sweat and tears’ both figuratively and, often, literally to build businesses.

Lastly, we’ve built our approach on the knowledge that strong personal connections and a sense of partnership are key to making an investment successful. We value collaboration and constructive dialogue, and for similarly minded business owners, partnering with Phoenix is the right choice.