Welcome to Phoenix Strategy

We are value-add investors who help small & medium-sized businesses achieve transformational growth

About Phoenix Strategy

Phoenix Strategy is an entrepreneurial investment company formed to acquire and help grow small to medium-sized, privately-held businesses. Our approach is distinctive, because we exclusively focus on situations where we believe we can truly add value. The way we do this may vary, based on the situation, ranging from having one of our principals lead day-to-day operations, to supporting existing management teams with highly engaged, additive and collaborative board members.

Phoenix was built by experienced business operators who know how to manage people and run businesses, as well as make successful investments. Our goal is to provide an attractive liquidity option for business owners by working closely with them to structure a transaction that best meets their financial and personal objectives. Our unique approach is ideal for those owners who would like to transition away from management responsibilities, assume a lesser role within their company, or simply get some meaningful help to propel their business to its fullest potential. We have done this successfully multiple times.

Because of our active orientation, and desire to truly help our business leaders, we invest in fewer companies, and we offer a greater commitment to those we choose to support. In each case, we bring many years of successful, hands-on business-building and transactional experience, along with the flexibility to adapt to each business’ unique dynamics.

Providence, RI
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